Voltage Optimisation


Save money and reduce CO2 emissions by installing Voltage Optimisation in Manchester.

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Supplying a controlled voltage is essential to making large energy savings. Voltage optimisation installed in Manchester works by reducing a buildings incoming voltage. All machines and appliances built after 1993 are designed to work at 220v, however the average voltage in Manchester is 242v. The unit usually is sited where your incoming electricity supply enters the building and is installed after your utility meter. Voltage Optimisation equipment is low maintenance and should only be serviced every 12 months.

Voltage Optimisation (Voltage Management) is a device that controls voltage levels on a user’s site. It is a transformer based technology which stabilises and regulates the incoming grid voltage, therefore returning an excellent energy saving. Voltage Optimisation equipment can significantly reduce your Business’ energy spend.

Should I install Voltage Optimisation?

Benefits over a whole site can be as high as a 20% reduction in energy costs. Further benefits include longer appliance and machine life and reduced maintenance costs. Although suitable for the majority of sites, Voltage Optimisation doesn’t work on every appliance, therefore a full survey should be carried out. KAST are one of hand full of Voltage Optimisation companies in the UK



  • Reduces electrical consumption onsite by an average of 12-20%.
  • Relatively simple to install
  • Allows savings from day 1 with zero capital expenditure (use of savings to fund technology)
  • Return on Investment – typical payback less than 3 years
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Improved Solar PV generation output


This is a great method for the majority of UK businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and subsequently their energy costs. The incoming electricity supply to your business will vary over the year and is controlled by the local Network Operator. This electricity supply has the potential to damage machines and lower life expectancy. Today’s machines are not designed to cope with higher voltage for extended periods of time.

All electrical appliances that are rated at 220V could be operating at a voltage higher than is needed. This means it’s using much more electricity than it should do, therefore this a waste of energy. Reducing voltage significantly reduces energy costs which will make business more profitable. Call one of the most experienced voltage optimisation companies in the UK


Residential units deliver real measurable savings of up to 20% on electricity consumption and is unique in both design and functionality. They are compact and easy to install.

Always wondering why your LED lamps need replacing prematurely, it’s because the voltage entering your home is too high. Our systems are manufactured in the UK and delivers real savings at a cost-effective price. Voltage Optimisation equipment can reduce your energy spend.

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