Remote Energy Monitoring


Find out how your spending your bills

Every business should monitor their own their energy to help save money and lower their Carbon Footprint. Our Energy Monitoring Systems can save you money you didn’t know you could save.

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring is a great product to track your energy consumption every day and night. Using a mix of software and hardware, our system gathers your work place consumption data. Subsequently, providing factual information directly to the client’s device.

As a result, our software shows you how much energy you are using at any time of the day. Our system gathers the data continuously on site and transmits to our energy monitoring cloud software. Therefor, we are able to provide a complete picture of energy consumption.


Why Should I Install Energy Monitoring?

Our energy monitoring system comes with electricity flow sensors called CT clamps and a 4G transmitter. CT Clamps attach around the main electricity cables going into your main distribution board and the other end in to the 4G transmitter. As a result, live energy data usage is sent to the cloud. Usually, this is in the form of Kilowatt Hours (kWh), carbon emissions (CO2g/kWh) or cost (£), with most monitors able to let you choose how you want the information displayed.


KAST Remote Energy Monitoring System

Reducing energy use makes perfect business sense; it saves money and enhances corporate reputation. Installing our monitoring system and undertaking an audit of your load profile, an energy reduction strategy can be developed for you.
Live data showing when and where your energy is being used



  • Easy to understand energy dashboards
  • Present electricity, gas, and water information
  • Configurable display widgets
  • Ability to meet corporate requirements
  • KPI options for performance monitoring


  • A great, low-cost way to deliver up to 60% in energy savings
  • Engage staff, stakeholders, visitors and customers
  • Present multi-utility information quickly and easily
  • Ensure improved system performance with real-time dashboards
  • Excellent communication tool as part of a coordinated energy strategy
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