Local Authority Properties & Housing Associations

At KAST, we work with local authorities to improve energy reduction for council properties across the UK. We provide councils with feasibility strategies for the installation of appropriate renewable technologies at their properties to save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Energy cost is now one of the largest overheads in authority buildings.

Utilising combinations of energy-saving technologies provides a long term strategy for reducing, then managing, energy consumption, delivering cost savings and assisting in the aims of zero-carbon targets.

Housing Associations and Social Housing can improve fuel poverty by reducing energy bills for their clients and reduce their carbon consumption in line with zero carbon targets.

KAST supplies and installs a range of renewable energy products to reduce energy consumption in social housing. Installing renewable energy equipment will mean reduced bills for renters and a decrease in fuel poverty in the UK. Technologies include Solar PV and Battery Storage, Air Source Heat Pumps, LED Lighting and Voltage Optimisation.

All of the technologies deliver savings independently, and in combinations, to maximise carbon reduction.

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